Our Work

Abaco Strong is committed to moving the rebuilding process forward and contributing to the formation of successful businesses and sustainable communities.

There are so many formal and informal organizations, as well as numerous individuals that have contributed to the relief and rebuilding efforts in Abaco. These groups include government organizations, NGOs, nonprofits, associations, homeowners, residents, and just plain old good people with good hearts. They are too numerous to name and we only wish that we could properly thank everyone for their efforts.

The formation of Abaco Strong is intended  to create a structured organization that will have the ability to raise funds and request grants as a certified 501c3 tax exempt organization. We hope to bring unity and encourage all groups to work together in Northern Abaco.



It is estimated that 90% of the homes in Treasure Cay were destroyed and uninhabitable after the hurricane. In February 2020, Abaco Strong was able to bring a team of experienced carpenters and tradesmen to make several of the resident’s homes inhabitable again.

The coronavirus pandemic temporarily delayed our home repair initiative, however, we have resumed the program and are working with local contractors in Abaco to repair Bahamian resident’s homes in the Treasure Cay area. The needs range from roof repair, to mold remediation, drywall, electric, plumbing, windows and door replacement, and more. Our goal is to provide safe and healthy living conditions fo the residents of Treasure Cay.


Helping Small Businesses

Small businesses are the foundation of the community, and we are working to support the growth of sustainable businesses in Treasure Cay. Cafe La Florence is legendary in Abaco and her cinnamon rolls are world famous. With our gofundme last Spring and your many generous contributions, we were able to raise over $20,000 to replace the restaurant equipment that was destroyed by Dorian and enable her to reopen her business.

Community Events

Treasure Cay Community hosted Taste of Treasure to provide hot meals for all members of the community in the months following the hurricane when resources were few and spirits were low. 

A Treasured Christmas was a Christmas to remember for the children of Treasure Cay and the surrounding areas, thanks to Josh Stivers and the Treasure Sands Club, along with Treasure Cay Community. They provided gifts, games, Christmas Cookies, a visit from Santa,  and even snow, for hundreds of children that had very little left after Hurricane Dorian came through.

These events help to bring the community together and provide a break for those that are still struggling to recover from the damages of the hurricane. COVID19 has put a halt to our events for now, but we hope to resume when it is safe to do so.

Christmas in Treasure Cay