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Home Repair Program

It is estimated that 90% of the homes in Treasure Cay were destroyed and uninhabitable after the hurricane. In February 2020, Abaco Strong was able to bring a team of experienced carpenters and tradesmen to make several of the resident’s homes inhabitable again.

The coronavirus pandemic temporarily delayed our home repair initiative, however, we have resumed the program and are working with local contractors in Abaco to repair Bahamian resident’s homes in the Treasure Cay area. The needs range from roof repair, to mold remediation, drywall, electric, plumbing, windows and door replacement, and more. Our goal is to provide safe and healthy living conditions fo the residents of Treasure Cay.

Sleep Soundly Abaco

 In 2020 and 2021, our amazing volunteers distributed  over 300 mattresses and bed frames, along with pillows, sheets and blankets to residents in Northern Abaco, including Treasure Cay, Crown Haven, Grand Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Spring City, The Farm, Murphy Town, Blackwood, Fire Road, Marsh Harbour, Central Pines, Dundastown, Sandy Point, Cooperstown and Moores Island.

Many thanks to The Lyford Cay Foundation, TCCF, The Rotary Club of The Bahamas, Bahamas Ferries, and City Furniture who have made this program possible.

Food Security

In response to the urgent need for lowering food imports and household food bills in these economically hard times, the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources has embarked on a ‘Backyard Farming Program’ for householders in The Bahamas. We have over 120 families participating in back yard farming and Abaco Strong is providing support by providing shovels, seeds, soil enhancements, and educational materials. To build on this program, we will be constructing an Aquaponic Community Garden in Treasure Cay consisting of a 410 Gallon Fish Tank and 34 Aquaponics Grow Rafts that hold 600 plants.The Community Garden will act as a demonstration garden while providing organic vegetables for participating community members.

Abaco Youth Baseball

The families in Abaco have been through a lot in the past two years, and opportunities have become little to none for the children of the island. As the dust began to settle from the hurricane, the members of the community in Central Abaco took it upon themselves to create opportunities for their children by starting a baseball league in Abaco. Abaco Strong is supporting AYB by providing equipment, scholarships and helping to rebuild the sports facility in Murphy Town.

Community Events

Treasure Cay Community hosted Taste of Treasure to provide hot meals for all members of the community in the months following the hurricane when resources were few and spirits were low. We have continued to provide take away meals on special occasions during the pandemic, observing health and safety protocols.

Abaco Strong sent over 300 gifts to the children of Abaco to help make this Christmas a memorable event. We provided a Christmas Tree to The Coopers Town Clinic and and to the Treasure Cay Community Center to help keep spirits high during these trying times. It was a smashing success with a golf cart parade, tree lighting and gift distribution complete with a visit from Santa himself.

These events help to bring the community together and provide a break for those that are still struggling to recover from the damages of the hurricane and COVID19.

boy with santa

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Abaco Strong was formed in January of 2020 in response to the needs of the communities in Abaco, shifting from disaster relief to rebuilding assistance. We received our nonprofit status in July of 2020, and have implemented a number of programs to enable the people of Abaco to return to their homes and to rebuild their lives. Click on the overview to learn more about the work that we have been doing.

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