Our Partners

Abaco Zero Waste

Waste management and Recycling Initiative
Abaco Zero Waste is an initiative launched in conjunction with The Inter-American Development Bank, Hope Town Zero Waste, Abaco Resurrect and Friends of The Environment to assess the needs in Abaco for major improvements in waste management. This data will be used to propose programs that will create a more sustainable environment. Our goal is to reduce waste and promote environmental responsibility through education, reduction, and recycling programs.

Global Giving

Fundraising Partner and Major Grants
GlobalGiving is a nonprofit that supports other nonprofits by connecting them to donors and companies. Global giving has partnered with nonprofits in over 175 countries who work on the ground to support the projects most needed in the communities that they serve. Global Giving has funded several of our major projects including our Home Repair, Initiative, Our Community Garden Project, and Our Backyard Farms Program.

The Blue Atlas Project

Blue Atlas Project provides infrastructure support and trainings to create, cultivate and strengthen the connection to local food systems for all persons in a community recovering from a disaster. Abaco Strong is partnering with Blue Atlas to create a Community Garden in Treasure Cay. They will provide oversight and training to engage our community and promote sustainability and food security.

Abaco Youth Baseball League

Empowering Youth in Abaco
Abaco Strong is working with Community Leaders to bring youth baseball back to Abaco.Lessons learned through team sports, suchas the value of team work and discipline, will help the Youth of Abaco to develop lifelong skills that will prepare them to face challenges as they grow into responsible adults.

Treasure Cay Community Foundation

Non-Profit Organization
The Foundation encourages philanthropy in the Treasure Cay area by providing donors with efficient and productive ways to support their preferred causes.

Templeton Religious Trust

Charitable Trust
Templeton Religion Trust is a global charitable trust chartered by Sir John Templeton in 1984 with headquarters in Nassau, The Bahamas. TRT has been active since 2012 and supports projects as well as storytelling related to projects seeking to enrich the conversation about religion. Their aim is to improve the well-being of individuals and societies through spiritual growth and an ever-improving understanding of spiritual realities and spiritual information.

Lyford Cay Charitable Trust

Charitable Trust
Lyford Cay provides assistance for Hurricane Relief, Assistance to the Poor, Park Development, and Educational Programs. They have participated in several of our programs including Abaco Youth Baseball and our Sleep Soundly Bed Distribution following Hurricane Dorian.

The Liquid Legacy

The Liquid Legacy
Helping ordinary people become extraordinary agents of change through sharing resources, serving the underprivileged, and loving our global neighbors as ourselves.

Our Sponsors

  • Arms Around Abaco
  • Austin Serving Abaco
  • The Bahamas Beach Club
  • Be Beautiful
  • The Brooke Brown Barzun Foundation
  • Jared and Harry Goodwin
  • The Kahle Foundation
  • Leveling The Playing Field
  • The Perpetual Food Company
  • Pioneers Harvest
  • The Rotary Club Bahamas
  • Sally Ferbert
  • Stacy Phillips Design
  • Stephen Rolle, B Galaxy Waste
  • Treasure Cay Limited
  • The Weyerhaeuser Foundation