Abaco Strong is proud to partner with Treasure Cay Community to support the many families that were devastated when Hurricane Dorian struck in September 2019. Our team consists of leaders in the community, residents, and volunteers working together to coordinate relief and recovery efforts. We are committed to continuing this work to enable the rebuilding of sustainable communities in Abaco.

“We remember. We rebuild. We come back stronger. 

On the Second Anniversary of Hurricane Dorian, this occasion causes us to reflect on that heartbreaking day, and everything that has happened since that life changing event on September 1st, 2019. We remember those whose lives were lost and we are thankful for the survivors.

A Huge “THANK YOU” to everyone that has supported our 2nd Anniversary Campaign. With your help, we will come back stronger.

Rebuilding Homes

Helping Small Businesses

Bringing Community Together

Looking Back and Looking Forward

We invite you to take a look back at the tribulations and triumphs of an extraordinary and extremely challenging year.

We are looking forward to great things to come in 2021 for Treasure Cay and Northern Abaco!

To enable the rebuilding of sustainable communities in Abaco.

Prosperous, sustainable, and environmentally responsible communities.

  • Sustainability –  Enabling businesses and families to thrive in the long term with minimum negative impact to the environment
  • Balance  – Immediate impact and long term improvements
  • Empowerment – Empowering individuals to take charge of their own future
  • 100% transparency – At all levels of organization
  • Apolitical – We do not align with any political parties in the US or The Bahamas.
  • Equality – We do not discriminate based on age, color, race, religious affiliation, sexual preference, or gender.

Current Projects


Make Treasure Cay Beautiful Again

We Held our first Treasure Cay Community Clean
Raised: 601%

Home Repair Initiative

Thank you for helping us to rebuild communities
Goal: $25,000.00
Raised: $8,880.00

Community Garden

Abaco Strong is planning to construct a community
Raised: 0%

Hurricane Dorian is regarded as the worst natural disaster in the history of The Bahamas

With sustained winds of 185 mph, Dorian was the strongest hurricane on record to strike the Bahamas since records began in 1851. Weather Underground Meteorologist Jeff Masters said that “portions of Dorian’s eyewall lashed Great Abaco and Grand Bahama islands with Category 5 winds for a total of 22 hours before the great hurricane finally weakened to Category 4 strength. In records going back over a century, there are no cases where an Atlantic Category 5 hurricane has impacted a land area for as long as Dorian battered the Bahamas.”

Updates from Treasure Cay

Updates from Treasure Cay

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