Rachael Burrows

Backyard Farmers Spotlight

How My Backyard Farming Journey Began By Rachael Burrows

Greetings, my name is Rachel Burrows, and I find myself tracing my roots back to a farm in Andros where I spent my early years. Despite relocating to the Abaco islands after getting married, my fondness for farming remained steadfast. I would often share with my elder sister, Mary, my yearning to be nearer to Andros. The prospect of lending a hand on her farm during weekends was a cherished aspiration.

One fateful day, a whisper of wisdom graced me: “Work with what you have.” Yet, the obstacle was evident – my yard was predominantly rocky terrain. Seated in contemplation, I chanced upon a sight on ZNS: a determined woman cultivating her rocky yard into a vibrant farm. She ingeniously sought pockets of soft soil amidst the hardness, transforming them into beds of flourishing crops. Inspired, I pondered, “If she can thrive amidst challenges, why not me?”

From that transformative moment, my spouse and I were invigorated with newfound determination. Our journey embarked with modest raised beds, a small step toward our burgeoning dreams. This is where my narrative truly begins.

The Ingredients of Rachel Burrows’ Success Story

First and foremost, I owe my success to God, the guiding force in my life. Without His strength and unwavering determination, I wouldn’t have the inner power to wake up each morning and breathe life into the wondrous plants on my farm.

Next, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to my loving husband, my cherished family, and my dearest friends. Their support has been the bedrock upon which my journey has flourished. And, of course, my deepest appreciation goes out to my loyal customers and to The Blue Atlas Project Foundation for generously providing me with essential farming equipments.

Now, let’s talk about the key ingredients or main things that helped me succeed. Love, which is very important, is embodied by my loving husband, the joy of my life. Together with my son, they’ve been a big part of why I’m successful. They worked hard to build a great place for my chickens, construct raised beds for my plants, and set up all the necessary farming tools. They did an amazing job!

Moving on to the second key ingredient – family and friends. As I reflect on the age-old wisdom that it takes a village to raise a child. Similarly, I believe it takes a community to nurture a thriving farm. To illustrate this, when I take breaks and step away, I’m never burdened with worry about the well-being of my ‘babies’ – the chicken and plants. There’s a network of caring hands to ensure they’re fed, tended to, and that my precious plants receive the nourishment they need.

Finally, my loyal customers stand as the third key ingredient to my success story. To me they are more than just customers; they are my extended family and cherished friends. They are actively going out of their way to promote my products on their own. And in return, I strive to always provide them with the freshest produce.

In conclusion, I would like to thank each and every individual who has played a role in shaping my farming journey into the success it is today.


About the Backyard Farmer Program

In response to the urgent need for lowering food imports and household food bills in these economically hard times, the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources has embarked on a ‘Backyard Farming Program’ for householders in The Bahamas. We have over 200 families participating in back yard farming in Northern and Central Abaco, and Abaco Strong is providing support by providing, seeds, seed starters, pots, fertilizer, top soil, and educational materials.

Many of our Backyard Farmers participate in the monthly Farmers Market. Learn more