Treasure Cay Community Garden Membership Agreement

Welcome to The Treasure Cay Community Garden.

We are so excited about this opportunity to grow our own food in Treasure Cay. The Treasure Cay Community Garden Membership Program is open to all Bahamian Residents in the Treasure Cay Township. There will be a nominal monthly membership fee of  $30/month. As a member, you will have the opportunity to plant and harvest your own crops. Supplies including fish food and grow pucks will be provided, and you will be responsible for managing your own 2 x 4 foot section of the aquaponic system. You will also have the opportunity to work with our experienced team and to attend our aquaponics training.

Please fill out the form below, select your payment method, and sign the agreement.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact:
Huel Moss (242) 475-3226

Choose the type of raft according to the type of crops you would like to grow. If you are unsure, just leave blank
If paying by cash, please contact Stephanie Hield at +1 (242) 577-8933
Amount your credit card will be billed


I agree to fulfill my responsibilities as a Community Garden Member including:
• starting my own seeds
• tending and harvesting my crop
• crop rotation and checking on my plot at least twice a week
• pest management
• assisting other members whenever possible
• attending training offered, as my schedule permits
• communicating with manager if I will be absent for more than a 5 days

I grant permission to Abaco Strong and its partners and affiliates to utilize photos or videos of myself and any family members for marketing, social media, or any other publications.