Dear Friends and Residents of Treasure Cay and Northern Abaco;

It would be hard to argue the fact that 2020 has been an extraordinary year. These trying times have caused many of us to summon strength that we did not know we had. I am sure that you are as ready as I am to say goodbye to 2020, and yet as I look back, there are some amazing and hopeful things happening amidst all of the struggles. I hope you the images below as we look back on the past year.

We would like to thank everyone that contributed to our successes this past year, and to share with you some of our accomplishments, as well as  some of our plans for 2021 which promises to be a year of renewal and exciting growth.

Together we are Abaco Strong!

Martha Fleury

Some of Our Accomplishments in 2020

The restoration of The Schooner at the roundabout is complete. A fresh coat of paint is being applied following welding repairs.

Thank you to our many donors that contributed towards this project!

Sleep Soundly Treasure Cay was a great success in 2020 and will be followed by Sleep Soundly Abaco in 2021.

Sleep Soundly Treasure Cay
Ninety bed frames and mattresses, along with pillows, sheets and blankets were distributed to residents in Treasure Cay and the surrounding communities. 

Sleep Soundly Abaco
In the next phase of this project in 2021, we will be distributing over 200 mattresses and frames to residents in Northern Abaco including Treasure Cay, Crown Haven, Grand Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Spring City, TheFarm, Murphy Town, Blackwood, Fire Road, Marsh Harbour, Central Pines, Dundastown, Sandy Point, Cooperstown and Moores Island.

Many thanks to The Lyford Cay Foundation, TCCF, The Rotary Club of The Bahamas, Bahamas Ferries, and City Furniture who have made this program possibl

The Abaco Strong/Treasure Cay Clean Up Initiave in cooperation with Treasure Cay Township has made great strides. Our fourth clean up day was on Saturday, January 9th. It is amazing what a group of likeminded people can accomplish. Treasure Cay is starting to look like its old self again.

The basketball court has been repaved and looks fantastic.

Treasure Cay Christmas – Even COVID19 Can’t Stop Christmas from Coming! Presents were distributed along with homemade cookies and treats prepared by the ladies of Treasure Cay. “The Big Man Himself” made a special visit on Christmas Morning to the children in Treasure Cay and the surrounding communities bringing big smiles all around.

Our Plans for 2021

Backyard Farm Program Support – In response to the urgent need for lowering food imports and household food bills in these economically hard times, the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources has embarked on a ‘Backyard Farming Program’ for householders in The Bahamas. Residents were asked to register to get the free kits, which consisted of a variety of fruit and vegetable seeds, soil, fertilizer, flowerpots and apparatus to help with the hydroponics. Abaco Strong is supporting this government program by providing shovels and soil enhancements for those families participating in the program.

Home Repair Initiative – We are currently working with our local government representative and have identified thirty two Bahamian Resident’s homes in Treasure Cay Township that are still in various states of disrepair, ranging from minor repairs to total rebuilds. Our main focus will be to assist senior citizens and single parents. With the help of some volunteers and local contractors, we hope to restore these homes and greatly improve living conditions for the residents.


Paint The Town – A huge thank you to Behr Paint Company for their generous donation of 100 gallons of exterior paint, we will soon be painting the town in Treasure Cay.

Bahamian Residents will be able to register for a random drawing to receive such lovely Caribbean colors asParadise Sky, Rise and Shine, and Guava Jelly. A big shout out to Chris Basja of CMTG Construction and to his daughter Gena who raised enough money after Hurricane Dorian through t-shirt sales to pay for the primer. We cant wait to see the results!

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Thank you for Supporting our efforts to rebuild The Treasure Cay Community and to rebuild lives in Northern Abaco

As always, feel free to contact us at Let us know if you would like to be involved and how we can help. Thank you for your support.