Application for Abaco Strong Home Repair Assistance


Abaco Strong’s home repair initiative is designed to provide safe, secure and sanitary housing for low-to-moderate income families whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Dorian. Due to the massive extent of damage and the lack of long-term governmental support available to homeowners, our scope of work for the is designed to stretch funding and assist as many families as possible. This is a minor repair program not meant to address major structural issues. The level of assistance provided is dependent upon the following criteria:

Tier 1. Safe & Secure : Home is dried in (roofing, exterior doors and windows) and free of mold

Tier 2. Sanitary : Home has (1) functioning bathroom and kitchen sink and countertop

Tier 3. Privacy : Home has interior doors (for bedrooms and bathrooms only) and drywall (no

trim / plaster only on seams and screw holes)

Tier 4. Functional : Electrical service is restored and appliances are provided (if available)

This program aims to make homes liveable. It is important to note that Abaco Strong does not fund

cosmetic improvements to the dwelling. Cosmetic fixes not covered include:

  1. Trim/Baseboards
  2. Paint
  3. Spray-texture
  4. Tile
  5. Flooring
  6. Replacement of plumbing/electrical fixtures for aesthetic purposes
  7. Exterior lighting
Please Submit the Form Below to apply for assistance